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Biodiesel production from Vitex doniana (black plum) seed oil via a two-step catalyzed transesterification

Gloria Ihuoma Ndukwe
Gloria Ihuoma Ndukwe
Anselem Tochukwu Ugboaja


Increasing global energy demands have led to increased search for alternative sources of fuel. Due to its similarities with petroleum-based diesel, biodiesel arose as a potential replacement for diesel. In this study, biodiesel was produced from the seed oil of Vitex doniana (black plum) using a two-step catalyzed transesterification method. The biodiesel produced was also characterized. Physico-chemical analyses carried out on the produced biodiesel gave strong indication that it can serve as an alternative feedstock, having recorded a comparable flash point of 110 °C to American Society of Testing Materials and European Committee for Standardization standards; though kinematic viscosity measurements showed biodiesel products of relatively high viscosity which has the tendency to leave deposits on combustion. Spectroscopic analyses indicated successful transesterification with 95-98% biodiesel yield.


Bull. Chem. Soc. Ethiop. 2020, 34(1), 75-82.