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<b>Catalysis of the Michael reactions by N,N’-dimethylaminopropyl derivatised micelle templated silica: Effects of solvent and catalyst loading</b>

J.E.G. Mdoe
J.H Clark
D.J. Macquarrie


A neutral amine templating route was used to prepare dimethylaminopropyl-derivatised micelle templated silicas with various loadings. The resultant materials were characterised by various techniques and were also screened as catalysts in model Michael addition reactions. Results obtained show that materials with surface areas and organic group loading as high as 800 m2g-1 and 3.4 mmol per g of silica, respectively, are obtainable. The materials show moderate to high catalytic activity as well as selectivity in a range of substrates. The activities and selectivities,however, are affected by catalyst loading and type of solvent.


KEY WORDS: Catalysis of Michael reactions, N,N'-Dimethylaminopropyl-derivatised micelle templated silicas, Effect of catalyst loading, Solvent effect



Bull. Chem. Soc. Ethiop. 2003, 17(2), 219-234.