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<b>Comparative study of trace element levels in some local vegetable varieties and irrigation waters from different locations in Ilorin, Nigeria</b>

O.O. Dosumu
N. Salami
F.A. Adekola


The level of heavy metals in two varieties of vegetables harvested during the dry and wet seasons from seven different locations in Ilorin, Nigeria, were determined. The correlation between the level of metals in the vegetables and the irrigation water was also studied. Vegetables harvested during the dry season were found to contain higher level of toxic metals. Low water quality, accumulation of particulate after rainless period and nearness of some vegetable gardens to major and well travelled roads appeared to be the major contributory factors. Amaranthus hybridus seemed to have higher metal accumulation capacity compared to Corchorus olitorius mannii.


KEY WORDS: Trace elements, Heavy metals, Vegetables, Irrigation water, Water quality, Metal ccumulation capacity, Amaranthus hybridus, Corchorus olitorius mannii



Bull. Chem. Soc. Ethiop. 2003, 17(1), 107-112.

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eISSN: 1726-801X
print ISSN: 1011-3924