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Oral Health Profile Of Primary And Post -Primary School Children At A Health Facility In Uselu, Benin-City

CD Odai
CC Azodo
OM Braimoh
ON Obuekwe


Objective: To investigate the oral health profile of otherwise healthy primary and post -primary school children in Uselu, Benin-city. Methodology: All consecutive primary and post-primary school children accompanying siblings and/or friends to access dental care at Mount Gilead hospital, Uselu between June 1, 2008 and May 31, 2009 and for who consents were obtained from parents or guardians on their behalf were
recruited. Age, sex, and the gingival index were noted for these children. The Gingival Index was used to assess the severity and prevalence of gingivitis by examining the qualitative changes (that is, severity of the lesion) of the gingival soft tissue and scored on a four point scale 0-3, as follows:
0= No inflammation.
1= Mild inflammation
2= Moderate inflammation
3 = Severe inflammation
Results: A total of 340 children were assessed, with a male to female ratio of 3:2 (That is 204 males and 136 females). Three (0.9%) had no gingivitis, 35(10.29%) had mild gingivitis, 110 (32.35%) had moderate gingivitis and 192 (56.47%) had severe gingivitis. Conclusion: The oral health profile of these children is poor and unacceptable. In line with the millennium development goals, appropriate agencies should liaise with the right professionals to achieve the desired goals.
Recommendations: Massive oral health campaign.

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