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The Relationship Between Library Development and Students’ Academic Performances in Selected Private Secondary Schools in Five Local Government Areas of Edo State

OOF Obinyan


The study examined the level of development of school libraries in privately owned secondary schools in five local government areas of Edo State and the influence of the school libraries on students’ academic performances. Random sampling was used to select 48 out of a total of the 83 private schools in the study area. The questionnaire was used to collect data from the principals and library officers. Out of the 48 copies of the questionnaire distributed, 40 copies were returned giving response rate of 83.33%. The study revealed that 70.0% of the schools had no school libraries, 25.0% had mini school libraries and 5.0% had functioning school libraries with none meeting standards set for establishing school libraries. The study also revealed that there was no significant relationship between school libraries and students’ academic performances in the five Local
Government areas studied. It was therefore recommended that the authorities should make sure that approval is not given to any prospective proprietors/proprietress to establish secondary schools without adequate arrangement for school library as a prerequisite for approval. And those private secondary schools already in existence without school libraries should be made to establish their own.

KEYWORDS: Academic Performance–Libraries; Education, Secondary–Nigeria; School Libraries–Nigeria