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Human capital management in a knowledge economy: The case of scientific research centers in Algeria

S Souleh


This research aims to examine the existence of the human capital management through competencies and knowledge management approach in Scientific Research Centers within knowledge based economy. The study was applied to the case of Scientific Research Centers in Algeria, such as: (CREAD, CRSTRA, CDTA, CDER, CERIST, CRBt, CRAPC, CSC, CRSTDLA, and CRASC). The data of the study was collected through interviews and a questionnaire during 2011-2012, and it was analyzed using SPSS 18.0 to determine the interaction between the various factors. The findings broadly support the hypothesis and suggest a number of insights for future studies.

Key words: Human Capital Management, Knowledge Management, Competencies Management, Scientific Research Centers in Algeria.

Classification Jel : O15, M1, O3.

AJOL African Journals Online