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Measuring the efficiency of health services financing in Algeria using the data envelopment analysis method (DEA) an applied study of a sample of hospital institutions in the Algerian East (2019-2020)

Nour El Houda Rezgui
Abdelilah Khellassi


The study aims to show an important aspect related to the health economy in Algeria, which is a close examination of the reality of financing health services and its efficiency by measuring the efficiency of financial resources for a sample of hospital institutions, which included three states in the Algerian East during the two years 2019 - 2020. By using a program of data envelopment analysis method (DEA), and also the use of IBM SPSS Statistics.22, and the adoption of three variables representing funding amounts in sample hospitals and expressing the inputs of the model, and two variables representing health and united health activities at the level of all sample hospitals expressing the outputs of the model, it turns out that efficiency is negatively affected by the surplus sums of money, as the greater the volume of financing is, the greater waste is and thus, the efficiency goes down, and that raising the financial resources does not inevitably raise the level of health activities  practiced, and in the case of raising the unpredictable financing, as in the case of the health crisis, the spread of covid-19 virus, only small hospitals maintain their efficiency.

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