Reasons for tooth mortality as perceived by dental professionals in Udaipur city, Rajasthan, India.

  • N Bhat
  • R Mitra
  • JJ Reddy
  • S Singh
  • R Patel
  • S Oza
Keywords: tooth mortality, tooth loss, tooth extraction, dental caries, periodontal disease


Aim: The aim of the present study was to access the reasons for tooth mortality given by the dentists for the patients attending the dental clinics and hospitals in Udaipur city.
Methods: A closed ended questionnaire survey was conducted between 12th March 2013 through 25th March 2013 among 211 dental practitioners of Udaipur city. The reasons for extraction of permanent and deciduous teeth among patients who had attended during the study period were categorized and the dentists were requested to record the age, sex of the patient, the type of tooth extracted and the main reason for the extraction.
Results: A total of 817 teeth were extracted of which 785 were permanent teeth and 32 were deciduous teeth. There was a significant difference observed between male (52.7%) and female (47.2%) extractions with (P<0.0292). Extractions were more common in 55-64year age group.The results of the study showed that the extractions for dental caries 206(24.5%) and for periodontitis 188(22.27%).
Conclusion: The results of the present study suggest that among the patients attending dental clinics and hospitals in Udaipur city, dental caries and periodontal disease was found to be the two major causes of tooth mortality. This is probably the first study to report on the trends in tooth loss in general practice in Udaipur city, India. Similar studies should be conducted in other regions of the country to generate valuable data regarding the oral health patterns.

Key words: tooth mortality, tooth loss, tooth extraction, dental caries, periodontal disease.


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