Parasitic infection of the digestive tract in children in a Regional Hospital Center in Gharb (Kenitra, Morroco): Some epidemiological features

  • Y EL Guamri
  • D Belghyti
  • A Barkia
  • M Tiabi
  • N Aujjar
  • A Achicha
  • K EL Kharrim
  • L Elfellaki
Keywords: Children, intestinal parasites, hospital, Kenitra, Morocco.


Intestinal parasites are very common in children. We propose to study the prevalence and Epidemiological profile of the port of intestinal parasites in 300 children hospitalized in the Regional Hospital of Gharb area (Kenitra, Morocco) from June to December 2007. This study Identified 11 intestinal parasites. Of the 300 children, 157 at least one intestinal have Parasitism was 52.3% with 91 boxes of poly-Parasitism. Among the intestinal protozoan Identified, Is The first Amebiasis intestinal parasites. The rate of infestation of Amoebiasis IS 46.5%, Followed by Blastocystis hominis (28.7%) of giardiasis (14%). That shows 128 children in the study population IS a carrier of Various species of helminths, the main ones: Enterobius vermicularis (35%), Ascaris lumbricoides (29.9%), Trichuris trichiura (10.2%), Hymenolepis nana (3.8%) and Taenia saginata (2.5%). The survey shows the age group most That exposed to intestinal parasites IS Between 1 and 4 years and sex does not appear to significantly interferes in the distribution of different parasite species. The results show the necessity of improvement of the sanitation of the environment and the health education of the population. Then will Come the deworming campaign of which will be therefor effective.

Keywords: Children, intestinal parasites, hospital, Kenitra, Morocco.


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eISSN: 0856-8960