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Motivation Of Health Care Workers In Tanzania: A Case Study Of Muhimbili National Hospital

M T Leshabari
EP Muhondwa
M A Mwangu
NA Mbembati


Objective: The Tanzanian health system is currently undergoing major reforms. As part of this, a study was commissioned into the delivery of services and care at the Muhimbili National Hospital.. One of the main components of this comprehensive study was to measure the extent to which workers in the hospital were satisfied with the tasks they performed and to identify factors associated with low motivation in the workplace.
Methods: This was a cross sectional study involving a sample of 448 hospital workers. Stratified sampling was used to randomly pick 20% of: doctors, nursing staff, auxiliary clinical workers and other administrative and supporting staff. About 44% of the
workers were female. Results: Almost half of both doctors and nurses were not satisfied with their jobs, as was the case for 67% of auxiliary clinical staff and 39% of supporting staff. This dissatisfaction was multi-factorial in origin. Amongst the contributing factors reported were low salary levels, the frequent unavailability of necessary equipment and consumables to ensure proper patient care, inadequate performance evaluation and feedback, poor communication channels in different organizational units and between workers and management, lack of participation in decision-making processes, and a general lack of concern for workers welfare by the hospital management. Conclusions: Many workers at all levels in the hospital were not satisfied with the tasks they performed due to a variety of factors. Based on the study findings, several recommendations were made including setting defined job criteria and description of tasks for all staff, improving availability and quality of working gear for the hospital, the introduction of a reward system commensurate with performance, improved communication at all levels, and introduction of measures to demonstrate concern for the workers' welfare.

Keywords: Job satisfaction, health worker motivation, performance review, health personnel, Tanzanian health system, referral hospitals human resource mix.

East African Journal of Public Health Vol. 5 (1) 2008 pp. 32-37