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Calcinosis cutis – A series of 59 consecutive cases confined among women

IA Mohammed
J Schneider
R Schiffer
J Hussein
T Hailu
M Eshete
F Abate
A Sabir
D Habte


Background: Calcinosis cutis is the cutaneous deposition of calcium salts. Tumoral Calcinosis is a condition consisting of massive subcutaneous deposits of calcium salts often overlying large joints in otherwise healthy patients.
Objective: To describe the characteristics of a series of patients with Tumoral Calcinosis in the Gurage Zone of Central Ethiopia.
Methodology: Data was collected from 59 patients who presented with clinical diagnosis of calcinosis cutis around hip region between January 2005 and January 2009.
Results: All cases were females, with a mean (standard deviation) age at diagnosis of 50.7(10.8). The duration of illness ranged from one to eighteen years. The cases were distributed in the different villages of Gurage Zone without any sign of clustering of cases. The lesions were localized around hip region on both sides. The patients did not have any related co-morbidity or any history of similar illness among close family members. None of the patients gave history of evident trauma to the site of the lesions. Significant proportion of the patients (53.4%) confirmed to carry water container and/or other goods on their side. Serum Phosphate and Calcium levels in selected patients were with in normal limit. Histo-pathological examinations of five cases revealed Calcium deposits in collagenous connective tissue.
Conclusion: The lesion was found to be relatively common in the study area and specifically confined to females. The probable factor associated with the cases is carrying objects on their side (hip area). Further research with in-depth clinical and laboratory evaluation is of paramount importance.

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