Familial tendency and dietary association of goitre in Gamo-Gofa, Ethiopia

  • C Abuye
  • AM Omwega
  • JK Imungi


Objective: To assess the familial tendency and dietary association of goitre.
Design: Ciaectional study with descripEve and analytical components.
Setting: Goma-Gofa, south Ethiopia.
Subjects: Five hundred and ninety seven elementary school children aged 6-18 years and their biological parents.
Results: Prevalence of goitre was found to be 51.7% of which 21.7% was visible goitre. The mean urinary iodine extraction levels indicated adequate dietary intake of iodine by the study group. A significant association (p<0.001) was established for familial tendency of goitre between parents and their children. Consumption of Iurlleko (Moringa stenopetala), a leafy vegetable common in the study area, of more than two times per day was signifkantly (p<0.005) associated with causation of goitre.
Conclusion: These results strongly suggest that goitre prevalence in Gamo-Gofa, Ethiopia is due to familial tendency as well as dietary factors.


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eISSN: 0012-835X