Retinoblastoma: Assessing the Level of Knowledge of Tumour By Midwives in Brazzaville

  • PW Atipo-Tsiba
  • C Itoua


Objective: To assess the level of knowledge of this tumour by midwives in two hospitals (Talangaï and Makélékélé) in Brazzaville.
Design : An analytical cross-sectional study.
Setting : Two maternity units (government hospitals) in the outskirts of Brazzaville
Subjects: One hundred midwives who responded to a questionnaire in the form of multiple-choice question  (MCQ). These midwives were randomly selected based on their availability to respond to questions. Each  midwife was seen once and had 30 minutes to answer three questions, define the retinoblastoma and recognise its two main early clinical signs (leucocoria, strabismus).
Results: Forty percent were able to define the retinoblastoma. For 60% leucocoria was the only sign suspect of retinoblastoma, for 80% strabismus was the only sign of retinoblastoma, only 10% had associated  leucocoria and strabismus as two early signs of this cancer. Twelve percent had a score equal to 3/3, eight (8%) had a score equal to 2/3, and 80% had a score of less than or equal to 1/3.
Conclusion: midwives in Brazzaville poorly understand the retinoblastoma. Training programmes should be tailored to effectively fight against mortality of this pathology.

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eISSN: 0012-835X