Factors associated with non adherence to regulations on sale of alcohol by alcohol outlets operators in Thika Municipality, Kiambu County

  • P.W. Gitau
  • J Mutai
  • C Kiiyukia
  • M Gitonga


Objective: To determine factors associated with non-adherence of existing alcohol regulations and policies on alcohol sale in Thika municipality Kiambu County.

Design: A descriptive cross-sectional study.

Setting: Thika Municipality, Kiambu County, Kenya

Subjects: Eighty nine (89) participants were enrolled in the study. Ten (10) Key Informant Interviews were conducted among the security personnel, health officers, managers and supervisors.

Results: Out of the 89 outlet operators enrolled in the study, (70.8%) among the
respondents were not aware of the alcohol control act. Association between marital status and non adherence of the act was significant (p=0.003). There was low knowledge of 5.6%, who were aware of when the alcohol act was implemented, majority who totaled to 70.8% were not aware on when the alcohol control policy came into existence. Majority of the respondent 62.9% reported not to adhere to the alcohol control act of 2010; also the study showed that 57.3% of the responded were not aware of measures to control illicit brew. From the In-depth interviews most of the respondents interviewed confirmed that many of the operators were not aware of the act and it was difficult to implement thus subjecting the consumers into alcohol abuse. They also confirmed that with lack of employment, many women engaged into the alcohol operations which also contributed to the breakdown of their families given the mode of operations.

Conclusion: This study concludes that there is failure in enforcement and adherence of the 2010 alcohol regulations. The study recommends the review of the alcohol control act of 2010 to ensure tough measures and penalties are adapted to anyone who fails to adhere to the act. Also there is need for awareness to be initiated to ensure members are informed and adhere to the policy. Setting up of an independent unit that will be mandated to enforcement and adherence of the 2010 alcoholic act.


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eISSN: 0012-835X