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Occupational cycling is a risk factor for erectile dysfunction in east Africa

E.L. Mugalo
R.M. Ojiambo
C. Tam
B. Erickson
D. Ayuku
E.L. Anjila


Background: The association between bicycle riding and erectile dysfunction is controversial and hypothesised to be caused by pressure from the bicycle seat on the pudendal nerve.
Objectives: To evaluate erectile function in East African occupational cyclists (OC) using International Index of Erectile Function questionnaire in comparison to non-cyclists .
Design: A cross sectional study.
Settings: The environment of Eldoret town in Uasin Gishu county of Kenya.
Subjects: Male occupational cyclists aged 18-65 years
Results: Total International Index of Erectile Function scores were significantly  lower in occupational cyclists versus non-occupational cyclists (19.8±3.4 vs. 21.6±2.2, P<0.05). Furthermore, Erectile Dysfunction (ED) rates were higher in the cyclist group (76% vs. 31%, p < 0.0001). Logistic regression indicated that the odds of reporting Erectile Dysfunction were 9.1 (95% CI: 5.4-15.5) times higher in cyclists compared to noncyclists controls.
Conclusion: In East Africa, occupational cycling is associated with lower  International Index of Erectile Function scores and higher rates of Erectile  Dysfunction.
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