Radiological evaluation of childhood abdominal masses in Ilorin, Nigeria

  • O.A.M. Adesiyun
  • W.A. Adeniyi
  • H.T. Ololu-Zubair
  • A.A. Nasir


Background: The presentation of a child with an abdominal mass is a source of concern to the Paediatricians, Paediatric Surgeons and the parents, and it poses a diagnostic challenge. Due to the low socio-economic status of the patients in this setting, cost-effective approach in evaluating these patients is necessary.

Objective: This was to determine the common causes and the most costeffective radiological examination to diagnose abdominal mass in children.

Design: This was a retrospective cross sectional descriptive study.

Setting: University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital, Ilorin. Nigeria.

Subjects: Paediatric patients with abdominal masses seen in the Radiology Department of UITH, Ilorin over a period of 5 years (2011-2015)

Analysis: Statistical analysis was carried out using the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences version 20.0 (SPSS Inc; Chic; Il.).

Result: A total of 172 patients were seen, including 98(57%) males. All patients seen (100%) had abdominal ultrasound followed by plain radiography 161 (93.6%) and 44(25.5%) patients had histological confirmation. The Kidneys 53 (30.8%) was the most affected organ followed by liver 48(27.9%) and spleen 30(17.4%). Burkitt’s lymphoma 15 (34.1%) was the commonest histological diagnosis followed by nephroblastoma 14 (31.8%).

Conclusion: Ultrasonography was the most common imaging modality used for evaluation of children with abdominal masses in this setting. The kidney was the most affected organ and Burkitt’s lymphoma was the most prevalent histological diagnosis followed by nephroblastoma in this study.


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eISSN: 0012-835X