Effective HIV/AIDs attitude and behaviour change interventions for poor women in Kenya

  • S O. Oriaso


Objective: To explore the most effective HIV/AIDs interventions for attitude and behavior change for poor women in Rachuonyo North, Homabay County, Kenya.
Design: Descriptive design
Setting: Rachuonyo North in Homabay County.
Subjects: Poor women (women from low socioeconomic group) affiliated to HIV/AIDs organizations in Homabay County
Background: The continuing HIV/AIDS prevalence in the wake of intensified efforts has necessitated a re-look at the interventions for attitudes and behavior change among high-risk groups. This study explored the most effective forms, structure and process of behavior change communication.
Materials & Methods: Using a descriptive design, the study relied on personal interviews and focused group discussions with selected women and various stakeholders in the HIV/AIDs sector.
Results: Using the convergence model, the study demonstrates that there exist particular interpersonal forms, processes and structure of communication which enable poor women to cope with and avoid situations of high HIV/AIDS risks and these promote participation, empowerment, consciousness raising, reliance on local culture and primitive social interactions.
Conclusions: Interpersonal forms, integrative structure and process of communication are more effective in attitude and behavior change among poor women in social networks.


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eISSN: 0012-835X