Final stage surgical treatment of the conjoined twins of Masasi, Tanzania: Case report

  • JK Shija
  • PJ Ngiloi


A set of female pygopagus conjoined twins, Agnes and Helen, were born to Margaret Paulo, 22, primigravida, at Masasi in Southern Tanzania on 2/4/98. They were referred from Ndanda Mission Hospital to Muhimbili Medical Centre (MMC) on 28/5/98 and from MMC to the Children’s Hospital, Cape Town, South Africa, where they were successfully separated
by Prof. H. Rode and his Team on 28/10/98. Upon separation each Twin had an anorectoplasty and a sigmoid colostomy, with which they returned to Tanzania after post-operative recovery. The colostomy closures were performed at MMC by Prof. J.K. Shija, assisted by Dr. P.J. Ngiloi, on 11/3/99 (Helen) and 18/3/99 (Agnes), after completion of Anorectal
treatment. They were discharged from MMC on 16/4/99, in satisfactory condition.

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