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Clinical Pattern and Management of Keloids in Black Poplulation

JK Olabanji
AO Oladele


Objective: To present the clinical pattern, treatment approach and outcome of keloid care in our clinical practice.
Design: A retrospective study.
Setting: Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital, Ile-Ife, Southwestern Nigeria.
Subjects: All patients presenting with keloids during the study period
Intervention: The pattern of presentation, modalities of treatment and outcome of care as well as complications and recurrences were documented.
Results: Seventy – six patients were studied. Equal male to female ratio. Their ages ranged from 1-75 years with a modal age of 24 years. Lesions presented for treatment were most commonly located in the head and neck region. Itching was the most common symptom. Combination therapy by surgical resection, intralesional triamcinolone injection and superficial radiotherapy was the most common modality of treatment and gave the least rate of recurrence.
Conclusions: Combination therapy gave the best outcome in our practice.

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