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Combating cholera epidemics by targeting reservoirs of infection and transmission routes: A review

H. D. N. Nyamogoba, A. A. Obala, R. Kakai


Objectives: To determine the parameters which can be investigated for prevention and effective control of cholera.
Data sources: Literature search on compact disk-read only memory (CD-ROM), medline and internet, using the key words: cholera outbreaks, and cholera transmission. A few reviews were manually reviewed.
Study selection: Relevant studies or articles on cholera outbreaks and transmission worldwide, with special reference to Kenya is included in the review.
Data extraction: From individual study or articles.
Data synthesis: Information on cholera epidemics worldwide and in Kenya is synchronized under the headings; Introduction, History and predisposing factors, Current situation, Bioecology and transmission patterns, and, Use of molecular epidemiological and geographic information system (GIS) techniques in mapping out the bioecology, reservoirs and transmission routes of cholera.
Conclusion: Cholera can be prevented and controlled more effectively at environment level. This requires a multi-disciplinary approach including poverty alleviation.

(East African Medical Journal: 2002 79(3): 150-155)
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