Posterior urethral valves in the adult: report of two cases

  • GA Maranya Consultant Surgeon, Coast Province General Hospital, P. O. Box 91066, Mombasa, Kenya


Posterior urethral valves occur commonly in children. Occasionally, they present in adulthood. A report is made of two adult cases, aged nineteen and twenty one years with posterior urethral valves treated in Mombasa, Kenya. Presentation was with symptoms of bladder outflow obstruction. Urinaly tract ultrasound and micturating cystourethrograms were the radiological investigations done. Endoscopic electrosurgical ablation of the valves was undertaken, resulting in symptomatic and radiological resolution. The diagnosis of posterior urethral valves should be borne in mind in any man with symptoms of bladder outflow obstruction.

East African Medical Journal Vol.81(8) 2004: 430-432

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eISSN: 0012-835X