Comminuted displaced patella fracture: A case report

  • D.G. Kinyanjui
Keywords: Patella, Comminuted, Patellectomy, Wiring, Ossic


Comminuted displaced patella fractures are a challenge to manage by conventional methods as it is dicult to eectively reduce and x the many small displaced fragments. Attempts at xation often leads to poorly reduced articular surface with unstable xation. This has resulted in some authors  advocating patellectomy as the preferred method of management in such fractures. However, patellectomy has been shown to impair optimal knee function and patella preservation should be attempted whenever possible. This case report presents an 8 year follow-up, of a 36 year old man who sustained an open, displaced comminuted left patella fracture and which was successfully treated by surgical debridement, reduction and internal xation with wires. The case report indicates that it is prudent to strive at retaining the patella, even when the goals of achieving anatomical reduction of articular surfaces are not achievable, as the long term knee function is satisfactory.

Key words: Patella, Comminuted, Patellectomy, Wiring, Ossic


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eISSN: 1994-1072
print ISSN: 1994-1072