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Ebola shapes society: no partner, no family, no friends

Jerome Ntege
Wotsuna Khamalwa
Eria Olowo Onyango


Ebola is examined as a Critical Event which shaped the communities in Bundibugyo district. The local framing of ebola epidemic 2007-8 as a curse to the particular ethnic groups affected the social networks and individual identities within communities. Ethnographic interviews and observations among victims of ebola were used as data, and a phenomenological approach was used to guide the research process. The paper recovers the lost moments and experiences of ebola survivors. The epidemic altered the socio-cultural set-up of the community and its impact have lasted for a long time; including stigma, discrimination, trauma, poverty and the orphan problem.

Keywords: Ebola, Bundibugyo, Constructions, Critical Events

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eISSN: 1684-4173
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