Some Social Goals of Ethiopian Adolescents: An Aspirational Perspective

  • Habtegiorgis Berhane Getahun


Aspirations are believed to account, to a large extent, for high levels of success in academic, material, social, political and psychological achievements of individuals. This study examines the aspirations of Ethiopian adolescents. A questionnaire which contains occupational choice, marriage and family life and future activities of adolescents was administered to 239 (117 males and 122 females) subjects under conditions of anonymity. It was found that to be an electrician or electrical engineer was ranked first as an ideal vocation; opportunity for further training and good remuneration were ranked first and second respectively as valued conditions of future jobs; sharing one's own opinions and beliefs was regarded as the most important character of a good spouse and was ranked first. Female subjects indicated that they expected to marry earlier than male subjects; female adolescents (90.8%) responded that both the wife and the husband should be equally influential in the direction and control of family affairs; adolescents of “high” income families wanted to have earlier marriage than adolescents of “average” income families; adolescents of “average” income families wanted to have fewer children; adolescents of “high” income families wished to bring up their children as they were brought up. Adolescents who rated themselves as “good” academically felt in general more enthusiastic and hopeful, never felt in doubt, and were determined.

Eastern Africa Social Science Research Review (EASSRR) VOLUME XVI No. 1 January 2000, pp. 23-36

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eISSN: 1684-4173
print ISSN: 1027-1775