A Review Of Laparoscopy At A Dedicated Assisted Reproductive Technology (Art) Centre In Nigeria.

  • JE Okohue
  • SO Onuh
  • OD Ufaruna
  • S Shaibu
  • I Wada


Background: Laparoscopy is currently considered the ‘gold standard' for pelvic endoscopic procedures. However the expertise and availability of equipments are still in short supply in most parts of Nigeria. Objective: To review the practice of laparoscopy at a dedicated Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) centre in Abuja, Nigeria. Materials and Methods: Retrospective descriptive study. Case notes of all patients who underwent laparoscopy between January 2000 and December 2004 at Nisa Premier Hospital (Nordica Fertility centre) Abuja, were reviewed. All cases were done by the consultant Gynaecologists. Results: Two hundred and fourteen (214) laparoscopic procedures were carried out during the period under review. Majority of the patients (120 or 55.3%) had laparoscopy on account of secondary infertility. Of the 53 cases that had primary infertility, 5(9.43%) had primary amenorrhoea while 3 cases were diagnosed with Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome. Seventy eight (36.44%) patients had combined laparoscopy and hysteroscopy done. While 4 patients had laparoscopic tubal sterilization with Filshie clip, 1 patient each had laparoscopic ovarian cyst drainage and IUCD retrieval. The overall complication rate was 2.34%. Conclusion: Laparoscopy is a useful tool in trained hands as important diagnostic and surgical procedures can be carried out, obviating the need for laparotomy.

Keywords: Laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, Infertility

Ebonyi Medical Journal Vol. 7 (1&2) 2008: pp. 21-26

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eISSN: 1597-1260