Intramedullary cavernous haemangioma of spinal cord: A case report and literature review

  • Tadios Muni
  • Hagos Biluts


A 27-year-old female patient presented with a 9-month history of back pain, trunk pain and progressive weakness of the lower limbs followed by incontinence of urine. Relevant literature reviewed, and treatment of the patient discussed. Thoracic myelography done showed bilateral symmetrical funnelling of the contrast at the level of T5 with widening of the spinal cord, which are typical characteristics of an intramedullary mass of spinal cord. T2-T6 Laminectomy was done. Near total excision of a 4 by 2.5 cm intradural, intramedulary bluish black, necrotic, fragile mass extending from T3-T5 was performed, and patient put on intensive physiotherapy. Histopathology revealed a cavernous haemangioma of spinal cord.

In conclusion, even though cavernous haemangiomas of the spinal cord are extremely rare, they should be considered as a differential diagnosis in patients with progressive deterioration of spinal cord function. Total excision of the lesion is the current treatment modality.


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eISSN: 2073-9990