The patterns of surgical thyroid diseases and operative treatment in Gondar College of Medical Sciences, north-west Ethiopia

  • B Abebe
  • T Girmaye
  • O Mensur
  • T Sentayehu
  • B Sissay
Keywords: Goitre, thyroid, pattern, thyroidectomy, post thyroidectomy complications


Background: Goitre is defiied as enlargement of the thyroid gland that normally weighs 25-30g.
Methods: This was a retrospective review aimed at determining the incidence, pattern, pathology, ostoperative complications of 137 cases of goitre operated at the Gondar College of Medical sciences, Ethiopia, over a period of four years were reviewed.
Results: The female to male ratio was 5:2 and the mean age of patients as 32.3 years. The mean duration of illness was 9.1 years. The commonest reasons for seeking medical attention were bulk of the mass (82%), rapid growth (9.5%) and compressive symptoms (2.9%). The goitre size was grade I11 and above in 83.1% of the patients. There were 14 (10.2%) thyroid carcinomas. Follicular carcinoma was the most common type of malignancy. Thyroiditis and toxic goitres were seen in 8 and 5 of the patients respectively. Subtotal thyroideaomy and lobectomywere the commonest procedures done. A total of 36 post-thyroidectomy complications occurred in 20 patients. Eight patients developed airway obstruction six of them requiring tracheostomy. Eleven patients (8%) had blood transfusion. The postoperative mortality was 1.5%.
Conclusion: The pattern of goitre was found to be similar to other reports and post tracheostomy complications in the acceptable range.

Key Words: Goitre, thyroid, pattern, thyroidectomy, post thyroidectomy complications


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eISSN: 2073-9990