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Early generation seed production and supply in Ethiopia: Status, challenges and opportunities

Abebe Atilaw
Dawit Alemu
Zewdie Bishaw
Tekeste Kifle
Karta Kaske


Early generation seed production may constitute maintenance breeding of improved variety and regular multiplication and supply of smaller quantities of breeder, pre-basic and basic seed. The main purpose of EGS Early generation seed production is to maintain the genetic potential and identity of a variety and regular provision of high quality breeder seed which is the basis for subsequent seed production. Ethiopia has adapted four seed classes for seed production: breeder seed, pre-basic seed, basic seed and certified seed. Variety maintenance, production, and distribution of the breeder, pre-basic, and basic seed are carried out by the public breeding institutions or private seed sector. EGS production is a distinct step in the seed production requiring particular knowledge, skills and facilities. This article summarizes the regulatory framework and institutional and technical arrangements in EGS production and the challenges and the opportunities to enhance EGS supply. To meet the current demand of EGS, it suggests the institutionalization of early generation seed production in Ethiopia.

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eISSN: 2415-2382
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