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Nine Revived Records to the Flora of Egypt

A El-Gazzar
AA Hammouda


Specimens of Asclepias flavida N.E.Br. (Asclepiadaceae), Boscia salicifolia Oliv. (Capparaceae), Cicer arietinum L. (Leguminosae-Papilionoideae), Euphorbia nutans Lag. (Euphorbiaceae), Lepidium virginicum L. (Cruciferae), Oldenlandia fasatigiata Bremek. var. fastigiata, Oldenlandia hedyotoides (Fish. & Mey.) Boiss. (Rubiaceae), Premna resinosa Schauer (Verbenaceae) and Vernonia cinerascens Schultz Bip. (Compositae), collected from Egypt, were located in the two herbaria CAI and CAIM. All nine species were mentioned in earlier floristic treatments, unpublished lists and accounts of excursions carried out in the 1930’s, but were overlooked in subsequent floristic works. The present article revives the
recording of the nine species.

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eISSN: 1110-6859