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In vivo cytogenetic effects of 2-trans hexenal on somatic and germ cells of laboratory mice

AM Jha, M Kumar & Abha


The in vivo cytogenetic effects of 2-trans hexenal were evaluated by investigating chromosomal aberrations and sperm head abnormalities in the bone marrow cells of laboratory bred Swiss albino mice. Single intraperitoneal injections of 8, 16 or 32 ìl per kg bodyweight resulted in
dose-dependent decreases in the mitotic index, significantly so at the higher doses and earlier times. Chromosomal aberrations per cell and the percentage of aberrant metaphase cells increased with dose, again fading with time. The percentage of abnormal sperm heads also showed a dose-related increase, with statistical significant again following the same pattern.  The overall result suggests a weak but positive dose-response relationship between treatment and induction of chromosomal aberrations in the somatic cells, and induction of abnormal sperm head morphology in germ cells.

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