NRF2 and P73 polymorphisms in Egyptian women with breast cancer

  • Iman Hassan Ibrahim
  • Hanan Abdelmawgoud Atia
  • Heba Gamal Abd El-Aziz
  • Mahmoud M Kamel


The aim of the study was to assess the role of Nrf2 promoter and P73 G4C14 to A4T14 polymorphisms in  breast cancer and the potential relation to the onset of the disease. Eighty six female patients with breast tumor were included in this study. Nrf2 (rs6721961) and p73 (G4A) genetic polymorphisms in promoter  and exon2 region respectively were investigated using PCR-CTPP assay. The genotype frequencies of the three genotypes of Nrf2 promoter SNP (CC, CA, AA) showed no significant difference between benign and malignant  groups. Genotype frequencies for P73 G4A SNP (GG, GA) showed no significant difference between benign and malignant groups, no patient have the AA genotype. Regarding the onset of disease, the three Nrf2 genotypes in pre - and post-menopausal patients, showed that the distribution differ significantly in the 2 patients groups and that the AA genotype is significantly higher in the pre-menopausal patients compared to post-menopausal patients. Nrf2 (rs6721961) AA genotype might be related to early breast cancer onset. P73 G4A polymorphism shows no relation to both disease risk and disease onset. Therefore Nrf2 (rs6721961) promoter genotyping  might be related to the risk of pre-menopausal breast cancer.

Key words: Breast cancer, Polymorphisms, Nrf2, P73


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1687-1502