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Short Communication<br><br> Mountain Nyala and Ethiopian wolf mortalities in the Northern side of Bale Mountains National Park, Ethiopia

Addisu Asefa


Post-mortem data collected on the mortalities of two endangered endemic mammal species, Mountain Nyala Tragelaphus buxtoni and Ethiopian Wolf Canis simensis during 2002-2007 in the northern Bale Mountains National Park, Ethiopia, were analysed. These data were used to study the proportion of age/sex groups of the dead species, and the proportion of dead individuals by different causes of mortality. Thirty-nine mortality cases were reported for Mountain Nyala, of which more than half (59%) were adult males. Fighting with each other among adult males and dog predation on juveniles were the main causes of mortality of this species. Mortality of four individuals of wolves was reported during the above five years period. Two of them were killed by poisoning and the other two by car accident. This includes a pregnant and the only female among the Gaysay subpopulation. It is revealed that human-induced actions are contributing the major threat for the survival of these two species in the area.

Keywords/phrases: Bale Mountains National Park, Ethiopian Wolf, Mountain Nyala, Wildlife mortality

Ethiop. J. Biol. Sci., 7(2): 179-184, 2008

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eISSN: 1819-8678