Remedy to the inadequate representation of guidance and counselling in the national policy on education

  • E Egbochuku
  • I Alika
Keywords: Guidance and Counselling, Policy, Education, Remedy, Nigeria


In Nigeria, the methods of giving personal assistance to others have gradually given place to the advent of professional guidance. Formal Guidance is the professionalised help, which is given to an individual so that he/she could understand him/herself, others and be able to adjust to his/her environment. It involves undergoing professional training in order to systematize and refine the helping method and techniques. The primary aim of guidance and counselling is to “relieve distress and get the individual or group back to functioning normally, comfortably and effectively within the accepted norms of the society” The planners of the National Policy on Education were aware of the growing need for Guidance services in the Secondary Schools hence it’s inclusion in the policy document. They were also aware of the problem of young people. They were not, however, well informed about the scope, potentials and objectives of what Guidance and Counselling entails. This article assessed the presentation of the objectives of guidance and counselling in the National Policy on Education. Additionally, remedy for the inadequate representation of the guidance and counselling objectives as presented in the Nation Policy on Education (NPE: 43) were proffered. Key Words: Guidance and Counselling, Policy, Education, Remedy, Nigeria

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eISSN: 2006-7593
print ISSN: 2006-7593