Sexual promiscuity among female undergraduates in tertiary institutions in imo state: an issue for healthy living

  • H.C Okafor
  • N.E Duru
Keywords: Sexual Promiscuity, healthy living, tertiary institutions.


The study focused on sexual promiscuity among female undergraduates and the attendant health implications. It was carried out in the tertiary institutions in Imo State using 415 final year degree students drawn from four institutions in the State. Three research questions were formulated to guide the study. The design was a descriptive survey. A 12 item questionnaire was structured and validated for the study. Simple percentages were used to answer the research questions. The results indicated the prevalence of sexual promiscuity among female undergraduates, the causes and effects of such unhealthy behaviour on healthy living. Hence, the call for instructional and moral counselling in institutions of higher learning. Recommendations were made based on the findings which, among others was that the counselling Departments in the Universities should organise HIV/AIDS orientation guidance services for greater awareness of the effects of promiscuity. In conclusion, the prevalence and sophistication of sexual promiscuity in the tertiary institutions call for reflections. It is an evil wind that blows no good and should be discouraged in order to maintain healthy female products for productive healthy family living. Key Words: Sexual Promiscuity, healthy living, tertiary institutions

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2006-7593
print ISSN: 2006-7593