Prevalence and Causes of Depression among Civil Servants in Osun State: Implications for Counselling

  • AF Yusuf
  • EA Adeoye
Keywords: Causes, Civil-Servant, Counselling, Depression, Prevalence


In recent times, the pressure of daily living, especially in an environment of insecurity and economic gloom is likely a precursor to depression among Nigerian workers. This is the motivation for the present study. The survey research type was employed. The Prevalence and Causes of Depression questionnaire (PCDQ) was developed by the researchers to obtain information from the participants. Research questions and hypothesis were formulated to guide the conduct of the study. Data collected were subjected to simple percentage, analysis of variance and t-test analysis. The results revealed that majority of civil servant are suffering from depression. The study showed that depression is prevalent among women than their male counterparts. The study also revealed that job demand and poor remunerations are the major causes of depression among civil servants. The study recommended the establishment of counselling unit in establishments and ministries; counsellors should be made available for employees; the counsellors should be organizing health education from time to time on management techniques.

Key Words: Causes, Civil-Servant, Counselling, Depression, Prevalence.


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eISSN: 2006-7593
print ISSN: 2006-7593