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Comparison of Traditional and Constructivist Teaching Approaches in Using English Language Learning Strategies; (Grade Eleven Students of Bahir Dar Preparatory School)

A Bishaw
Y G Egiziabher


The purpose of this study was to compare constructivist and traditional teaching approaches in enhancing students’ use of appropriate English language learning strategies. Quazi experimental research was employed. Out of 20 grade 11 sections, two sections (N=97) were selected randomly. The first section contained 50 students and was taught using constructivist teaching approach. The second section of students had 47 students and was taught using traditional teaching approach. Learning strategy inventory questionnaire which was adapted from strategy inventory for language learning (SILL) L2 students of English, (Oxford, 1990) was employed before and after students were taught using two different teaching approaches. The actual classroom teacher was assigned to teach for 9 weeks (40 periods) after given adequate training on both types of teaching approaches. Paired Sample and Independent Sample t-tests were employed for data analysis. The pretest results indicated that there was no significant mean difference between constructivist group students and that of the traditional ones. The pretest-posttest comparison indicated that except in changing students’ English language learning strategy in learning writing, no significant differences were observed in other language learning areas among students taught by traditional approach of eaching. The pretest-posttest results in the constructivist group of students have revealed that significant mean differences were observed in all language areas: reading, writing, vocabulary and English language as a whole. Similarly, the posttest comparison of the two groups of students in all language areas students in constructivist teaching approach exhibited significant changes in using appropriate English language learning strategies compared to the traditional group of students. From the results of this study, it is possible to conclude that the constructivist teaching approach improves students’ use of appropriate English language learning strategies compared to the students taught by traditional teaching approach.

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print ISSN: 1998-8907