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The Roles of Information Communication Technologies in Education: Review Article with Emphasis to the Computer and Internet

F Mikre


This article discusses the Roles of ICT in education. Information communication technologies (ICT) at present are influencing every aspect of human life. They are playing salient roles in work places, business, education, and entertainment. Moreover, many people recognize ICTs as catalysts for change; change in working conditions, handling and exchanging information, teaching methods, learning approaches, scientific research, and in accessing information. Therefore, this review article discusses the roles of ICTs, the promises, limitations and key challenges of integration to education systems. The review attempts in answering the following questions: (1) What are the benefits of ICTs in education? (2) What are the existing promises of ICT use in education systems of some developing countries? (3) What are the limitations and key challenges of ICTs integration to education systems? The review concludes that regardless of all the limitations characterizing it, ICT benefits education systems to provide quality education in alignment with constructivism, which is a contemporary paradigm of learning.