Inverse Relationship between the Volume of Intra-City Travel Pattern and the Use of Global System Mobile Commmunication (GSM) in Lagos, Nigeria

  • SB Osoba


Telecommunication is the growing enabler of activities at a distance.  Its highest value is in helping us allocate our limited time and attention with the associated requirement of movement between various locations.  Telecommunication facilitates a better level of proximity to the people and places we care about.  However, this only happens when we consciously focus our use of telecommunication facility like GSM on deciding where and with whom we should be physically close. In spite of the widespread use of the Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM), its influence on various aspects of the society is yet to be empirically investigated. In particular, the inverse relationship between the volume of intra-city trip patterns and the use of Global System for Mobile Communication of the Lagos residents. Data were collected from primary and secondary sources. A survey design was adopted. The study sample consisted of 2,500 households in Lagos metropolis. The questionnaire was administered in direct proportion to the population size of each of Local Government Areas (LGAs). Systematic sampling technique was used to select every tenth building on the identified streets. In a multi-family dwelling, random sampling was used to select one household. The household head or his/her representative was interviewed on intra-city trip patterns of GSM-owners of the household. The data collected were analyzed using simple linear regression and Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) .The usage of GSM generated almost two (β=l.72) trips per call and there was a significant relationship between the volume of trips and GSM usage (F113=5.72, p≤ 0.05).  It is therefore recommended that transport planners in Lagos need to develop alternative intra-city transport systems. This can be achieved through a shift to the development of other land transport systems by policy makers.   

Key Words:     Travel patterns, Global System for Mobile Communication, Intra-city trips, Policy makers, Lagos.


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eISSN: 1998-0507