Visualization of temporal aspects of tsetse fly eradication in Zimbabwe on the web

  • R. Maruziva


Visualization of tsetse eradication operations that have been going on since early 20th century is what many people would like to do if possibilities are provided. In this assignment, available data are analysed and viewed in the three tsetse eradication programmes. Zimbabwe is divided into three area categories; infested, reclaimed and pre 1896 tsetse free zone. Information on where eradication operations were carried out and the technologies that were applied for each year were extracted and mapped within its operation programme. Technologies applied were viewed individually and their positions compared with the fronts before and after they were applied. Pattern of how they are applied in time was provided in the animation representation. Further information on areas where different techniques were applied on different years is interactively visualized. Visualization of infestation changes in time was also provided by animation representation. Visualization of eradication operations were disseminated on the web. From the available data, it was possible to visualize Zimbabwe in three distinct categories: infested, reclaimed and the area that had never been occupied by tsetse flies. Visualization of tsetse fly eradication processes was possible in three sections that identified the sequence of eradication. It has been possible to visualize the change in technology in terms of techniques used.  Accessibility of tsetse fly eradication was provided by the web.

Key Words: Visualization, Tsetse fly, Eradication, Infested, Reclaimed, Disseminate

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1998-0507