A spatially based field specific crop recordkeeping system prototype for farmers

  • A Magaya
  • R Maruziva
  • S Togarepi
  • L.T. Buka


The purpose of this study was to develop a spatially based application that is able to capture, query, update and maintain crop production historical records for each field. Maps of the farm showing the fields were made. The fields were then numbered. These spatial data were prepared using ArcGIS 9.3. A database was created in Microsoft Access 2007. The database contained information on crops, fertilizers and past management. The information was linked to the spatial data table and maintained in the database. An application was developed using Visual Basic 6 in Map Objects allowing for the manipulation of spatial data within the visual basic environment. Results have shown that a record keeping system may link crop records to respective mapped crop fields in a GIS environment. This was then used to view crop field area, update new field data in the non spatial database and query and display field data for a specified period of interest. New data were added to their respective tables whenever available.

Keywords:  Recordkeeping system, Crop field, spatial, Farm, Management, Application


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1998-0507