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Assessment of the Level of Mercury Present in Soaps by the Use of Cold Vapour Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometric Analysis – A Gambian Case Study

O Oyelakin
J Saidykhan
P Secka
A Adjivon
HB Acquaye


Sixteen brands of soap were analysed for their total mercury content using cold vapour atomic fluorescence spectrometry. The aim was to find out if the soaps contained mercury and if so, what quantity. In addition, are the quantities acceptable for health purposes. Mercury was found to be present in some soaps which did not indicate it on their labels, as required by law. The amounts of mercury found in the soaps were generally low, and may not lead to any short term mercury-linked health problems. A very low limit of detection was obtained.

Keywords: Mercury, The Gambia, Soaps, Indigenous industry, Fluorescence

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eISSN: 1998-0507