Embankment and Changing Micro-Topography of Lower Ajoy Basin in Eastern India

  • HR Molla


This paper deals with the impact of river embankment on the physical environment of the river. Different types of flood control measures are in practice. Embankment is supposed to be an important structural measure of flood control. The performance of embankment varies from case to case. It is quite effective for short term flood alleviation, but it puts a question regarding the long term viability of the embankment and become harmful to the adjacent floodplain. Morphology of the river as well as the micro-topography of the floodplain undergoes great changes as a result of confinement of river flow due to construction of embankment. With this concept in background a geomorphological study has done in the Lower Ajoy Basin of Eastern India. The chronological study about cross-sections of some selected sites of the river, have proved the reduction of the channel depth. Huge sandsplays over the floodplain after the breaching of embankments have changed the micro-morphological character. The present study is to find out the extent of change in the micro-topography caused by Ajoy embankment.

Key Words: Embankment, Floodplain, Micro-topography, Sandsplays,


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eISSN: 1998-0507