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Depressionary Effect of Proximity of Residential Properties to Waste Disposal Sites in Nigeria

KC Ijasan
OC Oloke
OA Adeyemo
AF Gbadamosi


It is important to know if and to which extent proximity to waste disposal sites or treatment plants depresses residential property values for many reasons. Whether as a measure of the impact of the sites on health and general welfare of the resident, or to ascertain the degree of monetary depression that would be suffered by property investors or even for future planning, it is imperative to know how these sites impact on the lives of the residents. Past studies have researched these impacts using a variety of hedonic models and Marginal Implicit Pricing, however, this study takes a special focus on the resident’s perspective based on the linear proximity to waste disposal sites. 260 questionnaires were distributed to residents within 1km to the site and Estate Surveyors in the area. The correlation between respondent’s profile and opinions are analyzed and it revealed that the site has major impacts on the residents perceived quality of life, security and total outlook of the area. It also showed that there is a negative correlation between the distance from landfill and the perceived quality of life of residents.

Keywords: Landfill, Property value, Health and safety, Residential property, Solous

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eISSN: 1998-0507