The response of skin hardness and pain sensation to ultrasonic treatment in lipodermatosclerosis patients

  • SA Hamid
  • ZM Ibrahim Ali
  • HM Mohamady


Background: Lipodermatosclerosis (LDS) is considered a type of panniculitis (inflammation of subcutaneous fat). Patient experiences severe pain, increased stress, swelling, walking problems and decreased quality of life. The end result of untreated LDS is ulcer formation with high incidence of delayed healing and infection. In addition to psychological problem, the financial costs can be significant.
Aim of the study: To evaluate the efficacy of ultrasonic waves (U.S.) in the treatment of lipodermatosclerosis.
Methods: Forty patients with lipodermatosclerosis from both sexes aged from 42 to 65 years were assigned into two groups of equal number. The study group (group A) received continuous U.S. three times/week at frequency of 3 MHz in addition to routine treatment which consisted of wearing grade 2 compression stocking (30–40 mmHg) during weight bearing conditions, patients were advised to try to decrease weight bearing as much as possible during the treatment period and circulatory exercise for 15 min at least 5 times/day, control group (group B) received placebo U.S. plus routine treatment. Pain sensation and skin hardness were assessed in both groups using numeric rating scale (NRS) and durometer.
Results: The results revealed a significant decrease in mean values of pain sensation and skin hardness in the study group compared to the control group after treatment.
To conclude that therapeutic ultrasound was effective in controlling of  lipodermatosclerosis disease as regards, decreasing pain sensation and skin hardness.

Keywords: Lipodermatosclerosis; Pain; Skin hardness; Ultrasonic waves


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eISSN: 1110-8630