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Absent abdominal muscles, nephro-urologic abnormalities, and severe neurologic damage in an infant with 3 chromosomal duplications: A novel syndrome?

KF Akl
JH Albaramki
EA Ghani
MA Al Qaisi
N Abujaber
P Tavares


Absent abdominal muscles, cryptorchidism, and hydroureteronephrosis are known to occur in the prune belly syndrome (PBS). We present a male with absent abdominal muscles, severe neurologic damage, with global developmental delay, hydroureteronephrosis, and cryptorchidism. The patient also had arthrogryposis multiplex congenital, low set ears, short neck, micrognathia, bilateral total ptosis, and bilateral clubfeet. Genetic testing (CGH array) revealed 3 novel duplications of unknown clinical significance at 7q11.23, 9q22.32 (PTCH 1 gene), and 12q21.32 (CEP 290 gene).
Conclusion: We feel that our patient represents a novel entity, henceforth not described in the literature.

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eISSN: 1110-8630