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Unusual presentation of ‘u-shaped’ impacted Maxillary central incisor with intranasal root: Successful surgical management

PA Punde, NM Patil, RL Pawar


BACKGROUND: Dilacerations is a tooth deformity characterized by an angulation between crown and root causing non-eruption of the tooth. It generally occurs following trauma to the deciduous dentition apices of which lie close to the permanent tooth buds. According to Neville, maxillary and mandibular incisors contribute only approximately to 1% of the incidence of dilacerated teeth.
CASE DETAILS: A 15 year old male patient reported with chief complaint of missing anterior teeth in the left side of maxillary arch. Radiographic evaluation showed impacted maxillary left central incisor. The radiograph depicted very unusual extreme curve in the root of the same tooth giving it characteristic U-morphology. The root of this tooth was curving into the nasal cavity. Due to extreme curve, surgical removal was suggested by orthodontist. Surgically removing this highly placed tooth with apex into nasal cavity was a surgical challenge. This was done effectively by removing the tooth under local anesthesia itself.
CONCLUSION: U-shaped morphology in single rooted tooth is observed very rarely. This root curvature predisposes to fracture of root during surgical removal. Proper surgical protocol is to be followed during surgical removal of a tooth with such extreme root curvature to prevent fracture of the root and accidental displacement of the tooth into nasal cavity.
KEYWORDS: U-shaped root, impacted tooth, intranasal root, dilacerations.
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