Discourses on Sexuality and Sexual Health Perspectives among Wachemo University Students, Ethiopia: A Qualitative Study

  • Feleke Doyore Agide
  • Elham Shakibazad
Keywords: Sexuality, Sexual Health, Sexual Discourse, Discourse Analysis


BACKGROUND: Sexuality is a central aspect of being human throughout life. Discourse analysis is used to understand discussion, conversation, talk, dialogue, debate, consultation and chat in the people perception and language. Therefore, this study aims to explore sexuality and sexual health perspectives among Wachemo University students in Ethiopia.
METHODS: This qualitative study was conducted in Hosanna Town among Wachemo University students. A criterion related sampling (purposive sampling) was used to select a variety of young people. Eight focus group discussions and four in-depth interviews were used to collect data. Data was transcribed first and translated from Amharic into English. Atlas ti.7 software was used to analyze data. Then, their discourses were stated in narration and direct quotation.
RESULT: Discursive explanation of words and languages differ in different sub-cultures and societies. Languages and vocabularies were mostly attached to sexual relationships, love, affiliation and intention to be intimate with the opposite sex on a campus. This affiliation is known as “campus life”. The students' perspectives of what constitutes sexuality and sexual health were quite consistent. However, approaching opposite sex with unique languages and words depends on individual talents.
CONCLUSION: Discursive expressions of sexuality issues are becoming complex than ever in this generation. Therefore, further research is needed to reach this group with a variety of interventions through concurrent triangulation of qualitative research and longitudinal studies.


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