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Superior-Subordinate Communication and Employee Work Engagement: The Case of Adama Science and Technology University, Ethiopia

Alemu Disassa Mulleta


Organizational communication in general and superior-subordinate communication, in particular, are among the factors that determine the level of employees’ work engagement. Though there are studies across the world, this issue has not been addressed at least in the context of the current study. The purpose of this study was, therefore, to examine the association between organizational communication and employee work engagement. To this end, quantitative data were collected from 302 participants including 47 managers and 255 non-manager staff of Adama Science and Technology University using standardized Likert scales. Results of the study show that superior-subordinate communication and the opportunity to communicate with the upper manager have a statistically significant moderate positive association with employee work engagement. Nevertheless, results of standard regression analysis revealed that only positive superior communication has significantly contributed to the variation in the level of employee work engagement. Implications of the study include the need to strengthen and maintain positive superior communication while addressing other variables which could affect employee work engagement.

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eISSN: 2663-3205
print ISSN: 1998-0531