Evaluation and Optimization of Godare Starch as a Binder and Disintegrant in Tablet Formulations

  • M Adane
  • M G Abdel-Mohsen
  • T Gebre-Mariam
Keywords: <i>Godare</i> starch, paracetamol, binders, disintegrants, experimental design


The binding and disintegrating properties of Godare (Colcosia esculenta) starch in paracetamol tablet formulations were evaluated in comparison with potato starch. Tablet crushing strengths (Hs), friabilities Frs), disintegration times (DTs) and porosities were determined. The results showed that Godare starch has a better binding ability than potato starch giving tablets of higher H, lower Fr and porosity. Its disintegrating efficacy is comparable to that of potato starch. Optimum binder and disintegrant concentration of Godare starch was obtained by employing a 22 factorial design. Statistical analysis showed that as a binder, Godare starch provided paracetamol tablets with desired properties (88.1 N H, 2.69 min DT and 0.74% Fr) when used at 6.3% w/w concentration and compressed at 18.75 KN. As a disintegrant, Godare starch at 7% w/w concentration, provided tablets with a H of 109.1 N, DT of 3.22 min and 0.88% Fr, when the formulation contained povidone as a binder and AC-Di-Sol® as a disintegrant and compressed at 19 KN.

Keywords: Godare starch, paracetamol, binders, disintegrants, experimental design

Ethiopian Pharmaceutical Journal Vol. 24 (2) 2006: pp.98-105

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eISSN: 1029-5933