Global Approaches to Extension Practice: A Journal of Agricultural Extension

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Comparative analysis of beef and fish consumption in Ekwusigo local government area of Anambra state, Nigeria

SO Anyanwu, VC Anyanwu, CO Obianuju


The study isolated and discussed the factors driving beef and fish consumption in Ekwusigo Local Government Area (L.G.A.) of Anambra State, Nigeria. Cross sectional data generated from 120 households randomly selected from five villages in Ekwusigo L.G.A was used. Descriptive statistics and regression analysis was used in analyzing the data. Results showed that the major drivers of beef consumption were prices of beef and prices fish while age, household size as well as own price of fish and price of beef determined fish consumption in the L.G.A. Comparatively, more fish was consumed than beef among households in the L.G.A. Based on the findings of this study, it is therefore recommended that policies geared towards the production of more fish such as establishment of more fish ponds be put in place by the government. Furthermore, credit liberalization policies should be implemented to scale up the level of fish production to augment the protein needs of households in Nigeria generally.

Key Word: Comparative, beef, fish, consumption, Ekwusigo.

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